“My team and I are ready to govern for all territorians and our plan will deliver the economic prosperity and the community safety territorians deserve.”

Lia Finocchiaro

Opposition Leader



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Latest CLP News

Labor: 8 Years of Energy Insecurity

Joint Media Release from Leader of the Opposition Lia Finocchiaro and Shadow Minister for Renewables and Energy Josh Burgoyne Labor has had 8 years to deliver security of gas supply so that Territorians can keep the lights on, and they have failed. Leader of the Opposition, Lia Finocchiaro said, “Territorians know Labor cancelled its annual…

Labor Failing to Curb Secondary Supply of Alcohol

Media release from Deputy Leader of the Opposition Gerard Maley The Lawler Labor Government’s mismanagement of their alcohol policies is terrible, particularly in addressing secondary supply. Shockingly, for nearly two and a half years, no charges have been laid against individuals supplying alcohol to those listed on the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR), or subject to…

Eva’s Abysmal Economic Record: State of the States – April 2024

Media Release from Shadow Treasurer Bill Yan After almost eight years of complete failure in economic policy by this Labor Government, the Northern Territory’s economy has once again been ranked as the worst performer in the nation, 66 months in a row. The CommSec April 2024 State of the States quarterly report ranks the Territory…

Labor Cannot Be Trusted To Deliver New Prisons

Media Release from Leader of the Opposition Lia Finocchiaro Eva Lawler and Labor cannot be trusted to deliver new prisons and the proof is in their failure to open a new Don Dale despite promising it in 2016. Now they expect Territorians to believe that they will deliver on women’s prisons in Alice Springs and…

Crime under Labor Continues to Climb

Media Release from Leader of the Opposition Lia Finocchiaro Under Labor, during the month of February in the Northern Territory, we saw more victims of crime with more theft and violence. The release of government crime statistics for February 2024 further exposes the severity of the situation with rises since last month: Palmerston robberies are…

Jobs and the Economy Stagnant Under Labor

Media Release from Shadow Minister for Business, Jobs and Training Marie-Clare Boothby  The most recent employment information released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals the Northern Territory’s economy remains stagnant under Labor and Eva Lawler’s failed leadership. The latest monthly Labour Force Data shows that the total number of people employed has stalled,…