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Jobs and the Economy Stagnant Under Labor

April 18, 2024

Media Release from Shadow Minister for Business, Jobs and Training Marie-Clare Boothby

The most recent employment information released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals the Northern Territory's economy remains stagnant under Labor and Eva Lawler’s failed leadership.

The latest monthly Labour Force Data shows that the total number of people employed has stalled, remaining the same. The number of people employed full time fell by around 1200 people (fall of 1.08%).

Shadow Minister for Business, Jobs and Training, Marie-Clare Boothby said Labor had failed for almost 8 years to address the economic challenges faced by the Territory to build jobs for Territorians.

“The Territory is the worst performing economy in Australia, shrinking by a whopping 5.25 per cent last year. The Darwin Major Business Group report tells us private investment is very low compared to national and other regional data,” Ms Boothby said.

“Under Labor's third Chief Minister this term, Eva Lawler, the Northern Territory’s economy is flailing, and throughout Lawler's time as Treasurer, her record is riddled with failures.

“After 8 years of incompetent Labor governance, the Territory finds itself in a precarious position, burdened with soaring debt and the unenviable distinction of having the poorest performing economy in Australia.

“Labor’s Biz Secure grants announcement yesterday shows that after 8 years, Lawler still does not get it when it comes to the impact of crime on business; they even ripped $250,000 out of Biz Secure last year and now they are talking it up. Labor only wants to strengthen the window, not the laws that ensure there are consequences for crime.”

Unlike Labor, a CLP led government would prioritise the Territory’s future by taking back control of our streets, rebuilding our reputation and get our economy moving forward.

Part of the CLP’s Plan to kick start the economy includes fast tracking investment through a brand new system of investment attraction and reducing approval times by 50%.The CLP will establish the Office of the Territory Coordinator, who can designate projects of significance and ensure that projects are championed from start to finish.

The CLP is focused on five key areas of economic opportunity that will create jobs for Territorians now and for their kids in the future: minerals, gas, defence, agriculture and tourism.

The Territory needs a government that will do things differently, get the spark back in the economy and work with Territorians, not against them.

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