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Labor Failing to Curb Secondary Supply of Alcohol

April 22, 2024

Media release from Deputy Leader of the Opposition Gerard Maley

The Lawler Labor Government's mismanagement of their alcohol policies is terrible, particularly in addressing secondary supply. Shockingly, for nearly two and a half years, no charges have been laid against individuals supplying alcohol to those listed on the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR), or subject to alcohol bans through court orders, or under bail or parole conditions.

The last time charges were laid for such offences was in 2021, with only 3 people convicted that year and the Attorney General has admitted this in writing to the CLP, proving Labor is not serious about dealing with the issue of secondary supply. We know that people bypass the BDR by having family members or friends buy alcohol for them. We know people smuggle alcohol into communities. Labor’s failure to enforce secondary supply laws fuels anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related crime.

Our police need to be properly resourced to enforce secondary supply. If elected, the CLP has been crystal clear that we immediately change the law to give police better powers to deal with problem drunks and public drinking.

The litany of failures and questionable decisions by the Labor Government reads like a catalogue of disasters that include the reckless expiration of Stronger Futures alcohol management in July 2022 without a plan to manage the influx of alcohol into communities; and taking Police Auxiliary Liquor Inspectors (PALIs) off bottle shops in Alice Springs and Katherine without a plan to ensure full coverage or deal with the resulting chaos.

Unlike Labor who focus only on supply, the CLP’s Plan focuses on driving down demand for alcohol with direct investments in community drug and alcohol services, including compulsory alcohol treatment for those who continue to cause alcohol-related harm.

The CLP is dedicated to breaking the cycle of addiction and creating a safe, strong Territory. Our commitment to tackling demand, not just supply, sets us apart, ensuring a brighter future for all Territorians.

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