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Labor No True Friend of the Gas Industry

February 27, 2024

Media Release from Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro

Labor has shown its true colours on its fake support for the gas industry, with comments from the Minster for Mining, Mark Monaghan that the gas industry is temporary.

At a press conference yesterday, Monaghan was asked if gas would be part of the transition to renewables forever - to which he replied, “It's a temporary transition.”

Labor was happy to crow about $17 billion in economic growth but they have shown their true colours with the comments of temporary support. This is the Party that has proven it is divided on the gas industry, cancelling its annual conference to hide away internal opposition.

Even the Chief Minister herself, in her speech outlining her 'vision' for 2024, failed to mention gas even once.

Labor shut down the industry with a moratorium, hand braking economic growth for years due to its hard-headed ideology.

The CLP is unashamedly pro gas - a 50% cleaner energy source than coal, vital to growing our economy and powering the nation.

Labor is still yet to activate unused solar panels connected to the power grid.

Our economic Plan focuses on making the Northern Territory a great place to live, work and invest.

The CLP will achieve this with our policy to slash project approval times by 50%, get rid of Labor’s destructive hybrid mining tax and install the Territory Co-ordinator who will ensure projects are fought for, started quickly and completed on time.

We also won’t be dictated to by economic vandals masquerading as environmental activists, like the Environmental Defenders Office.

By creating a safe and strong environment for business growth and innovation, we aim to enhance competitiveness, attract investment, and ultimately improve the quality of life for all Territorians.

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