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Labor says no to improved public safety sooner

October 19, 2023

Media statement from Leader of the Opposition Lia Finocchiaro and Deputy Leader of the Opposition Gerard Maley:

Today, the Northern Territory Labor Government has dismissed a critical Bill that sought to reduce alcohol related harm throughout the Territory.

Labor voted down the CLP’s Liquor Legislation Amendment (Offences) Bill 2023 that incorporated vital recommendations detailed in Labor’s own Three Year Review of the Liquor Act 2019 – Legislative Assembly Summary Report.

This decision by Labor is concerning – why aren’t they prioritising public safety?

The Northern Territory Labor Government said no to:

  • Restoration of the 2km Rule Offence: providing NT Police with the necessary legal framework to uphold and enforce this vital regulation.
  • Expanded Police Powers: authority to not only search, seize and dispose of confiscated alcohol but also to issue fines.
  • Mandatory Identification Requirement: Offenders are now obliged to provide identification upon request. Failure to comply empowers police to make an arrest.
  • Integration with the BDR System: The introduced offence serves as a trigger for police to add offenders to the Behavioural Disruption Register (BDR).
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: By reinstating this offence and granting police the authority to request identification, officers can proactively identify individuals with outstanding arrest warrants or domestic violence orders, and those on Bail.

Since 2016, under Labor alcohol-related assaults throughout the Northern Territory have increased on average by over 50%.

Labor chose to stall the Territory, again.

The CLP is committed to taking back control our streets and will work tirelessly towards a safe, strong Territory.

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