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February 21, 2022

Leader of the Opposition, Lia Finocchiaro, says the Gunner Labor Government needs to take urgent action to combat escalating crime across the Territory.

“The latest crime statistics, year on year to December 2021, show there have been more than 8,720 victims of assault from the Top End, to Central Australia, more than 5,500 domestic violence victims and close to 4,300 alcohol-related assaults Territory-wide.

“Across the NT, commercial break-ins have risen more than 30%, house break-ins are up 23% and motor vehicle theft has increased by 21%.

“Prime Minister, Scott Morrison – who was in Central Australia yesterday – savaged the Chief Minister over his refusal to acknowledge the law and order crisis in Alice Springs. Territorians are being bashed, robbed, victimised and brutalised at despicable rates. What more is it going to take? How much more does the Chief Minister expect Territorians to put up with?

“A CLP Government will deal with recidivist offending by setting a presumption against bail for repeat adult and youth offenders, and reinstate breach of bail conditions as an offence for youths – which will have an immediate impact. We want to see youth justice returned to Corrections so that Territory Families can focus on its core function – the care and protection of children.

“As part of our alcohol policy reform, a CLP Government would scrap the minimum floor price and launch an immediate review of the Banned Drinker Register,” said Mrs Finocchiaro.

Member for Braitling, Joshua Burgoyne, says “The Chief Minister and Police Minister must acknowledge the significant impact crime is having on the Alice Springs community due to Labor’s law and order policy failures – and consider additional, immediate, options to tackle crime in our town. House break-ins in Alice Springs have jumped more than 40%, commercial break-ins have increased a staggering 82%. Enough is enough,” said Mr Burgoyne.

Member for Barkly, Steve Edgington, says “There were close to 400 assaults, 280 domestic violence attacks and close to 280 alcohol-related assaults in Tennant Creek. You are six times more likely to be a victim of domestic violence in Tennant Creek than you are in Palmerston, while you’re nine times more likely to have your house broken into compared with Palmerston and twice as likely to be a victim of a house break in compared with Alice Springs. This is further proof of the inequality between Darwin and the regions, under Michael Gunner’s leadership, when it comes to addressing the crime crisis,” said Mr Edgington.

Member for Katherine, Jo Hersey, says “Car theft in Katherine is out of control, skyrocketing by more than 97%. House break-ins have jumped 48% and commercial break-ins are up 20%. We know our police do an incredible job with the limited staff and resources they’ve been given. Labor needs to acknowledge NT police is haemorrhaging officers and recruitment is not keeping up with attrition, which has doubled in just 12 months,” said Mrs Hersey.

Member for Brennan, Marie-Clare Boothby, says “There have been close to 900 assaults in Palmerston, more than 540 domestic violence attacks and close to 500 alcohol-related assaults. The rates of domestic violence in the Territory are tragic. According to the Aboriginal Justice Agreement, 89% of Aboriginal victims were assaulted by family members, predominantly their partners. The Police Commissioner has described the victimisation of Aboriginal females as the Territory’s shame. What’s more tragic, is the fact of the 48 actions in the Aboriginal Justice Agreement, only one mentions victims,” said Mrs Boothby.

Member for Nelson, Gerard Maley, says “Crime impacts all members of the community, even if they’re not direct victims themselves. Increased crime rates erode community confidence, and impacts the cost of living through rising insurance premiums and the increases to the cost of running a business,” said Mr Maley. Member for Namatjira, Bill Yan, says “The increased rates of assault, domestic violence and alcohol-fuelled violence in the regions and the bush is staggering. Year on year we’ve seen increases of 9% for domestic violence, 8% for assaults and 846 people were the victim of an alcohol-related attack outside of the major centres. It’s not good enough and Territorians deserve better from this Darwin-centric Gunner Labor Government,” said Mr Yan.

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