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Labor Still Failing To Deliver For Central Australia

May 10, 2024

Media Release from Shadow Minister for Territory Families Josh Burgoyne:

Eva Lawler has shown that her Labor Government is failing to deal with youth issues in Central Australia and wasting taxpayers’ funds again.

The announcement today of a $2.3 million funding cut for Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation youth services by Lawler is a clear admission that Labor has fallen short in addressing the pressing youth issues in Alice Springs, thereby failing the people of Central Australia.

Eva Lawler’s policy on the run decisions are failing the community of Alice Springs.

The Chief Minister earlier this year announced rebranded youth facilities that she claimed were new, despite this not being the case.

For years, Labor has turned a blind eye to governance issues at Tangentyere, but it's only recently that they've taken steps to address the situation by halting some of their funding.

The Prime Minister should have listened to the CLP, we wrote to him over a year ago and called for an audit into the millions of dollars the Federal and Territory Governments spend on services, and the effectiveness or otherwise of the current programs.

This is another glaring example of Labor waste, and mismanagement of taxpayer funds that fails to deliver outcomes for Central Australia.

The hollow promises under Eva Lawler continue as the election looms closer but with a track record of failure, Territorians will not be taken for fools.

The CLP will conduct audits of organisations receiving taxpayer funds to ensure taxpayer money is being spent appropriately and delivering outcomes for the community.

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