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January 18, 2022

Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Gerard Maley, says the Gunner Labor Government wants to waste more taxpayer dollars and send Mark Turner, the Member for Blain, on a plane to the UK.

“Like the shadeless structure, the $12 million dodgy grandstand deal and the $5000 Christmas tree, this is just another example of the Gunner Government’s flagrant misuse of taxpayer’s money and contempt for all Territorians.

“The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association has notified its intention to host the Westminster Seminar in March. They have issued invitations for Parliamentary Members to attend the seminar in London and up to six Members to attend virtually.

“The Gunner Government have nominated the Member for Fong Lim and the Member for Blain to attend the seminar in person.

“If Labor had any interest in saving taxpayer’s dollars they would attend the conference via the internet, not look to fly two Gunner Government members over to England on this junket.

“Businesses are struggling and the Territory debt levels are out of control yet the Gunner Government think it’s OK to jet off to London. This is a slap in the face to all Territorians.

“Surely they can attend via the internet, save some money and not send two Members, one of which being the disgraced ‘cocaine sex scandal’ Member for Blain, Mark Turner.

“Just 11 months ago Michael Gunner sacked Mr Turner from caucus, demoting him to the back-bench and said that the MLA had “lost my trust”. Does the Labor Government now trust him again and are they looking to re-instate him into caucus?

“This just isn’t good enough and Territorians deserve better.” said Mr Maley.

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