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Northern Territory Election 2024 Countdown: 200 Days

February 6, 2024

Media Statement from the Leader of the Opposition Lia Finocchiaro

Today marks 200 days until the Territory election.

Territorians have before them an important choice, a choice that will decide the future of the Territory.

Under Labor’s weak economy, the worst performing economy in the nation, Territory families are paying more as the cost of living continues to rise.

Territorians no longer feel safe while crime continues to sky-rocket with over 220,000 offences occurring since Labor came to power.

Labor’s wrong priorities means taxpayer money is wasted on pet projects like shadeless shade structures instead of into essential services like health, education and roads.

Recently their failure to properly maintain our roads and rail was felt by all Territorians as supermarket shelves were bare, trucks unable to supply fresh produce to the Territory.

Labor continues to show they do not have a plan for our economy or our future.

That’s why the choice that Territorians will make in 200 days is so important.

The CLP has a plan to take back control of our streets, rebuild the Territory’s reputation and get our economy moving forwards.

Our economic plan focuses on making the Northern Territory a great place to live, work and invest. Our policies will slash approvals times and the barriers that mean the Territory keeps missing out on key economic projects. The Territory is rich in natural resources but only the CLP will show Australia and our international partners that we have what they need.

The will CLP ensure that Territorians no longer need to live in fear with stronger bail laws, more powers for police, minimum mandatory sentencing for those who assault anyone at work, a properly resourced police force and compulsory alcohol rehabilitation for problem drinkers.

For a Safe and Strong Territory, the choice couldn’t be clearer.

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