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Recall Parliament Urgently and Fix Labor’s Mess

March 27, 2024
Lia Finocchiaro MLA

Joint Media Release from Lia Finocchiaro, Leader of the Opposition and Josh Burgoyne, Shadow Minister for Territory Families and Shadow Minister for Youth

Josh Burgoyne MLA

We are not a failed state, we have a failed Government.

Overnight, Alice Springs has experienced serious and sustained criminal attacks threatening residents and our police. Starting with a large group of people taking to the Todd Tavern throwing rocks and breaking windows while terrified staff and patrons cowered inside. In another separate incident of absolute lawlessness, police reported seizing 50 weapons from another large group in town.

Territorians have had enough. The CLP is calling on the Labor Government to recall Parliament immediately to strengthen the laws so that police have the powers they need to deal with crime. On this emergency recall, we must pass laws that:

    • lower the age of criminal responsibility so that parents and youths can be held accountable
    • make breach of bail an offence
    • change bail laws so all serious violent offenders start with no bail
    • give police more powers to deal with alcohol so they can do more than just tip it out

  • Make ram raids a new offence along with posting and boasting
  • Remove the complicated process for police so they can expand their wanding powers

Eva Lawler has confirmed that horrifying crimes in Alice Springs overnight are the result of conflict after the death of a young man in a stolen vehicle recently.

“Labor’s weak laws and removal of all real consequences for youth offending and lack of support for our police has led to these extreme crime events, heightened even more by the removal of Police Auxiliary Liquor Inspectors (PALIs) from bottle shops which the CLP has condemned Labor for,” said Lia Finocchiaro.

“The facts are we have 22 fewer police than when the Prime Minister visited Alice Springs over a year ago, despite promising that the funding would go to more police and more liquor inspectors. Alice Springs is still yet to see over $100 million of the ‘emergency’ $250 million hit the ground,” said Josh Burgoyne.

Labor sent 22 PALIs to Darwin without a plan in place to have full coverage on bottle shops.

“On Monday of this week, Eva Lawler said she didn’t think we had lost control of the streets. She is wrong, Labor has lost control,” said Lia Finocchiaro.

“This morning on radio Eva Lawler tried to claim that in response to the crisis overnight she had sent an additional 23 police to Alice Springs, but those police were sent last week as a result of Labor pulling PALIs off bottle shops,” said Josh Burgoyne.

We cannot wait for Labor’s ‘long term’ plans that never eventuate. Immediate action needs to be taken, starting with an emergency recall of parliament.

Below is a letter the Leader of the Opposition has sent to Eva Lawler.

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