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Territory Families: Just another Labor Plan to make a Plan

December 11, 2023

Media Release from Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Police Minister Lia Finocchiaro and Shadow Minister for Territory Families Joshua Burgoyne:

The Fyles Labor Government’s ‘Summer Plan’ for Alice Springs was clearly another example of a plan to manage the message not the Territory, with their latest announcements already being wound back.

Police Minister Brent Potter has gone out talking a big game only to have to face reality just a few weeks later, showing he can’t come through with his commitments any better than his failed predecessors.

Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Police, Lia Finocchiaro said Mr Potter is only delivering false hoods.

“The Police Minister promised ‘24/7 child protection on the road, on shift’ and just four weeks later has walked it back to 24/7, three days a week.”

“We’ve seen Labor taking Police from other areas around the Territory to fill shifts in Alice Springs, despite a firm commitment this wouldn’t happen, now the promise of 24/7 child protection staff is yet again another broken promise,” Mrs Finocchiaro said.

Shadow Territory Families Minister Joshua Burgoyne said Territory communities are still waiting to see results.

"In addition to the assurances made by the Labor Government regarding increased police presence and Territory family officers, we have not witnessed the full implementation of numerous programs aimed at engaging and entertaining children," Mr Burgoyne said.

“Despite Alice Springs being in the National spotlight as we started the year, even prompting a visit by the Prime Minister to tell Natasha Fyles how to do her job, residents of Alice Springs were ignored by Labor entirely until the eleventh hour.”

Mr Burgoyne said, “Labor cares only about saving face, not saving our town.”

“From day one in the job, the new Police Minister has said ‘judge me on my actions not my words’ and I can tell you, the people here in Alice Springs are, and they won’t be taken for fools.”

Only the CLP will take real action and address the following:

  • If children are not attending school, parents should be held accountable
  • If children are wandering the streets at night, parents should be held accountable
  • Children must face real and immediate consequences for offending and shown a path forward outside of crime.
  • Parents who neglect their children should be referred to the Commonwealth for income management.

Labor puts the rights of criminals above the rights of Territorians. You can’t trust Labor.

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