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Marie-Clare Boothby



Shadow Minister for Tourism and Hospitality
Shadow Minister for Small Business
Shadow Minister for Jobs and Training
Shadow Minister for Racing, Gaming and Licensing
Shadow Minister for Women


Born in 1977 after my parents had returned back to Darwin after Cyclone Tracy, my sister and I were raised to make our own decisions without judgment. We grew up in the Northern Suburbs where we rode our bikes across suburbs to hang out with friends from other schools without too much concern from the parents. We were home by dark and with that level of trust came a responsibility that we took seriously.

I would describe myself as having an “Apex” kid upbringing. My parents were active members of Apex in the Top End for my whole childhood. We attended community events and fundraisers every weekend. This foundation of serving the community was inescapable and I continue to feel the same. My parents were also business owners who taught me valuable lessons of hardship, hope & hindsight.

When I left home I built a home in Palmerston, spent a few years in Darwin city before returning to Palmerston just before my first son was born.

Passionate when it comes to small businesses and the tremendous impact such enterprises have on the local economy and beyond, I believe private enterprise is the foundation of economic prosperity.

For 18 years I was in the leadership team of the Northern Territory’s most successful financial advisory firms. I’ve also spent 3 years assisting organisations to succeed in the online world through digital marketing initiatives. In addition, I’m the Chair of Territory Proud, a membership organisation of nearly 400 NT Businesses who use the brand to identify as locally owned and operated.

Raising a young family, living & working in Palmerston, I am blessed to have  children (Jonty age 9 and Kobe age 6) who love to try out new sports & activities each year, meaning I am able to get to know different families each year and form strong relationships with the same organisations.

Knowing community, sporting and support groups are instrumental in peoples lives, I’ve spent years supporting organisations in raising awareness and funds and educate them on how they can do the same online.

I’m often confronted by people who believe we have already met, however soon realise it’s from seeing my videos online, where I share all sorts of information with audiences across social media.

I am also an extrovert so being extremely social and curious often allows me to really get to know people and I love hearing their stories and creating memories of new experiences.

I believe everyone has the opportunity to secure financial certainty. Currently, Territorian family homes are being repossessed or they’re selling at a huge loss, businesses are closing every day and people are moving interstate as our economy continues to suffer, with no plan or trust in leaders to improve the situation.

I believe in raising our families in a safe environment and ability to go about our lives without fear. We’re no longer scared of people who we see in horror movies, we’re scared of the groups of youths who hang around shops during the day and in suburb streets late at night. I’ll be continuing to seek input from the Palmerston community as to what’s important to you and the challenges you face.